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【ESURFIER】 Biosurfactant peptide | A new era of emulsifiers

What is Esurfier?

• EsurfierTM, a biosurfactant based energy booster, is designed to optimize fat digestibility and absorption, thus improving energy utilization from fats and oils incorporated in animal feeds.

• Surfactin: One of the most powerful biosurfactants, is a lipopeptide-type biosurfactant that is generated by Bacillus subtilis.

Why use emulsifiers?

The rapid development of modern animal husbandry has resulted in the continuous improvement of animal species, and species with high feed returns are increasingly the key to intensive breeding. These animals have higher requirements for nutrient density, especially energy. Conventional feeds are generally difficult to meet their nutritional needs. Fat, as a high-energy feed ingredient, is often added to compound feeds to increase dietary energy. However, due to insufficient secretion of endogenous emulsifiers in young animals, digestion and absorption of feed are seriously affected. The emergence of emulsifiers has opened up a meaningful way to solve these problems. 

How is fat digested and absorbed?

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What are the criteria for choosing an optimal nutritional biosurfactant?

• Surface tension 

• HLB value: Hydrophilic (water soluble part) - lipophilic (fat soluble part) balance value

• CMC: Critical micelle formation value

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Emulsion stability test with EsurfierTM

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What is the action mechanism of EsurfierTM?

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Field trials

Saving energy and feed costs with EsurfierTM

 The effect of Esurfier in an energy reduced diet on the growth performance of broilers

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• The effect of Esurfier on grass carp growth in an energy reduced diet

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How to use EsurfierTM?

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